Can You Cook with Tap Water in Tenerife?

Everyone knows the importance of water to the body, even though it can be used in different ways. Just the way water can be used in these diverse ways, so are their different sources. However, these sources determine what we use them for, and how they are used. For instance, tap water can be used to cook meals, take baths and do laundry while seawater can be used for transportation, etc.

Can you cook with tap water in Tenerife? Tenerife is a place on the Canary Island known for cold temperatures and desalinated seawater. This seawater contains so many minerals that are not so great for drinking, but when boiled can be used to make meals. For instance, tea and coffee can be prepared using boiled tap water, but drinking ordinarily (without boiling) doesn’t taste so well.

Drinking water is one of the healthiest things to do. It is perfectly safe if you get the water from a good source. However, tap water from Tenerife is safe to drink but the minerals won’t make it palatable; thus, the reason why most locals prefer to buy bottled water than drink tap water. Although, when the water is boiled, most of the minerals are lost through evaporation which makes it easy to prepare meals and hot drinks.

Can Tap Water Be Used to Cook?

Generally, tap water can be used in a lot of ways. However, there are things you need to do if you have to drink it. For desalinated seawater like that in Tenerife which dispatched through taps, you need to boil to get rid of many minerals, substances, and particles – purification method.

Boiling tap water to cook is safe to prevent biological contamination, i.e., heat gets rid of bacteria and every other microorganism in it. Although the water may appear clean, it could be harmful to consume. This could cause several water-borne diseases and digestive problems like diarrhea, cholera, etc.

In a situation where you find yourself in Tenerife, Spain, boiling water to drink or cook may be the safest thing to do. You may not be able to afford the bottled water to drink, but boiling which is one of the best purification methods to use. Boiling to cook means you will get rid of all harmful particles in the water once and for all. So, Yes, Tenerife’s tap water can be used to cook.

How to Cook with Tap Water in Tenerife?

Before you proceed to cook with the desalinated seawater rushing out through a tap system, you need to understand how to boil satisfactorily. Purification is a big deal and should be taken seriously. There are four stages in the purification of tap water;


For anything that has to do with cooking, you need two major things: heat source and heating material. In this case, the heat source is either from an electric or gas cooker (this portable one) while the heating material is a pot, jug, kettle, or any other material that can withstand heat. Having all this in place means you are ready to move to the next stage.

Set Temperature

The next stage is setting the temperature to desirable modes to ensure proper boiling. Water boils at 100 and it does this regardless of the heating material in use. Once it starts to boil, wait for a minute for an extensive result.

Heat Reduction

While boiling, all biological organisms in the water are destroyed. Then, you need to reduce heat to the lowest level. The purpose of doing this is to maintain a balance as well as make sure all microbes are destroyed completely.


Finally, you should allow the boiled water to cool off so it can be used. However, the main work has been done at the boiling stage, therefore, the temperature depends on what you want to do.

Since you want to cook after boiling the water, right after the boiling stage, you should add food ingredients and start the cooking process. In another case, if you would like to make a hot tea or coffee, allow the water to cool a little before transferring into a cup.

In general, you have successfully cooked with Tenerife’s tap water without microorganisms and minerals by boiling (purification). The boiling time doesn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Is Tap Water Safe?

Staying hydrated is paramount, but knowing the water is from a good source is also important. Knowing the source, then ask yourself: Is the tap water in my home safe? There are health agencies in different countries of the world that monitor foods and water we drink. These people set standards so people can avoid drinking contaminated water.

While the water leaves the desalinated sea in Tenerife, it goes through some safety stages before it is dispatched in your location. However, it is possible for accidents to happen which could make the water contaminated, or the purification method wasn’t too effective. Thus, an alternative method of safety or purifying by boiling is suggested. Therefore, the safety of tap water is relative and it depends on the source as well as the type of purification technique used.

What Contaminants are in Water?

Having spoken extensively on how water may or may not be safe for drinking and cooking, it is necessary to know what kind of contaminants are in the water. Although, there are different kinds with microorganisms like bacteria, protozoan, etc., being the most while minerals, human waste, chemical waste come after. For tap water, minerals such as mercury and lead are common because they are found in leeched pipes that connect the tap to a water source (sea).

Contaminants have different reactions in the body, and while the body may be able to withstand some, others are quite difficult to. Also, there are few sets of people that are vulnerable to potential water harm, they are;

  • Chemo patients
  • HIV/AIDS patients
  • Transplant patients and
  • Expecting mothers.

What are the Effects of Contaminated Tap Water on the Body?

Finally, you should know how contaminated tap water can have negative effects on your body. Below are a few examples of what to expect:

  • A pathogen called Cryptosporidium in water can cause serious digestive and gastrointestinal problems
  • Lead can affect both kids and adults negatively. Poor Physical and Mental development is common in kids while adults face serious kidney problems
  • Nitrates in water can affect the intestines as well as prevent proper circulation of blood oxygen in the body.

Importance of Tap water

What other safe things can you use tap water to do?

  1. It is great for doing laundry and domestic washing
  2. It is good for recreational purposes like swimming
  3. It can be used for mixing substances
  4. It is nice to bath with

Doing all these above using tap water is safe, as it does not pose any health risk whatsoever.

Summary and Conclusion

Looking clearly at this article, we have broadly discussed everything about the water and drinking system not only in Tenerife but in the world too. Drinking Tenerife’s tap water without the boiling process, knowing the source (desalinated water) and the environment isn’t healthy. In fact, we have seen that most locals and tourists would rather go for bottled water which has gone through a series of purification stages than tap water.

In conclusion, it is better to be safe by boiling water before cooking (or making drinks like tea or coffee) in order to prevent contaminants from having negative effects on the body. Drink safe! Cook Safe

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