Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in Las Vegas Hotels?

If you’re planning a vacation in Las Vegas and you are environmentally-conscious, you may be planning to bring a refillable water bottle with you. You save money and help the Earth by not buying bottle upon bottle of water to be guzzled under Nevada’s hot sun.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Las Vegas hotels? The city of Las Vegas declares the tap water safe for drinking. They regularly test for 50 unregulated contaminates and 91 regulated contaminates. The water sources are the Lake Mead and an underground aquifer.

It is reassuring to know that Las Vegas treats the water properly, as do most developed cities. If you’d like to know a little more about the quality and taste of the water, you’ll be drinking while in Las Vegas, I’ve done the research for you!

Where Does the Tap Water Come From in Las Vegas?

The water supply for Las Vegas comes from Lake Mead and an underground aquifer. Lake Mead, however, supplies 90 percent of the water that citizens have access to. Melted snow from the Rocky Mountains serves up icy fresh H20.

The water also runs through the Colorado River before reaching the tap. The heavy sediment in the Colorado River causes hard water in Las Vegas. You can check with your hotel to find out if they have a water softener.

The underground aquifer obtains water from rain over the Spring Mountains and Sheep Range. Every city has a unique water source. This causes variations in mineral content and flavor.

Hard Water in Las Vegas

It is common for homes to have water softeners (like this portable one here) to combat the effects of hard water. Some people are sensitive to hard water. It can cause dry, itchy skin and irritate your scalp.

Many people also have trouble with dry, brittle hair from hard water. It also causes buildup on surfaces, such as tubs and shower walls. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing this away while on vacation!

If you know you have a sensitivity to hard water:

  • Find out if your hotel has a softener installed in the building.
  • Purchase a shampoo formulated to combat buildup in your hair.
  • A homemade apple cider vinegar rinse works well to remove buildup in your hair.
  • Pack a soothing lotion for your skin to keep it from drying out.
  • Check with your hotel to see if a shower water filter may fit on the showerhead

The Taste of Water in Las Vegas

Hard water often has a stronger taste than softened water. There are many reviews from visitors stating that Las Vegas water has a bad taste. It is difficult to ascertain anything substantial from opinions, however. Everyone adjusts to the water in their own geographical area.

You can try drinking the tap water and decide for yourself. You can also check with the hotel restaurant. Some restaurants use filtered water, which helps improve the taste.

Make it More Enjoyable – and Mask the Taste

If you must drink tap water on your trip, take steps to make it more enjoyable. Sometimes tap water tastes better cold. Most hotels have ice machines on each floor. You can bring a bucket of ice to your room to have a drink or fill your water bottle.

Some hotels provide coffee makers in each room. you can use this to heat up the water and make tea. You may enjoy the flavor of hot or iced tea better than the plain tap water.

Many stores sell drops and powders to flavor your water, as well. You can purchase individual packets to make one glass of water at a time or to carry in your travel bag. If you want to mix a larger batch, you can also purchase a large container of flavoring.

Grab a lemon, lime, or cucumber and bring it home to your room. Sliced fruits can add a refreshing flavor.

Filter the Water for a Better Taste

Depending on your sensitivity, you may like to bring your own filter, like this one. It is often more cost-efficient to filter your water than to buy bottled water. You can also check with your hotel to find out they use and filters or softeners.

There are some great water pitchers on the market that have replaceable filters. You can keep the pitcher in your hotel room for access to filtered drinking water throughout your trip. There are even some personal water bottles on the market that have filters on them.

Filters are becoming more popular as people take an interest in natural food selections. Highly populated areas must treat water and food to avoid illnesses. Many people prefer to remove traces of additives and chemicals used for decontamination.

The Water Pipes in Your Hotel Affect the Water

You should pay attention to the history of the building you stay in. Buildings built before 1986 may have older lead pipes. Lead can leach into the water from the worn-out pipes. Most hotels would have taken care of this issue. But many buildings still have old – if not lead – pipes.

Old pipes can bring less serious residuals and contaminants into the drinking water. If you know your building is older and you are at all concerned, bring along a water filter to clear away most of those impurities.

Should Pregnant Women or Those with Low Immune Systems Drink Vegas Tap Water?

If you are pregnant or have a compromised immune system, always talk to your doctor about the best choices to protect your health. The water companies cannot make decisions for your personal health.

While water companies must meet certain health requirements, this may not match your medical or personal standards. Take precautions in all situations during your travel if you have health issues.

Water Treatment in Las Vegas

Cities use water treatment plants to keep tap water up to the required standard. The chemicals used for treatment often cause the taste to change. It is common for treated water to taste odd when companies work to remove contaminants.

Companies add fluoride to most drinking water in the United States, as well. There are filters. However, that can even remove fluoride. Chlorine or related products also work to sanitize water.

You can leave your cup of water out overnight to let some of this evaporate from the water before you drink it. You can check the water reports in Las Vegas before you visit. This way, you can remain aware of any contamination alerts.

Bottled Water for Your Trip to Las Vegas

If you would like to decide once you get to Las Vegas and try the water, bring a few bottles of water with you. If you drive to the city, you can purchase a large amount of water at a good price before you leave home, as well.

You can avoid high tourist prices for bottled water by visiting a local grocery store. Many places have large refillable bottles. Purchase one to keep in your hotel room. This way, you can simply refill your reusable water bottles.

Final Words About Tap Water in Las Vegas Hotels

It is exciting to visit new cities. Vacation is much more enjoyable when you have minimal concerns. If you are selective about the water that you drink, bring a filter or bottled water to Las Vegas.

If you normally drink tap water, you may notice a different taste in the water. The city of Las Vegas follows proper treatment procedures, like most cities in the United States. You can check reports and updates online before you leave on your trip.

Hard water is common in the area, but you can purchase soaps to minimize the effects. With a little preparation, you can stay well-hydrated throughout your vacation.

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